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Poster: William Tell Date: Oct 2, 2009 9:28pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Do you really need 2 time keepers?

It's funny that we have had this conversation many times before, but rather than dredge up the old posts, easier to let each run it's course...right? Rob or LiA can find out where I contradict myself, so it keeps it amusing.

I do agree that post 75 it really didn't seem necessary. And I agree that 71 is a great year, with amazing, clean, simple sound. More than adequate.

68 is great, but of course, how much is Mickey? How much is TC? How much is Hunter? How much is just a "natural" evolution for them all?

Watching Mickey on Fest Express, since frankly, we have little to go on with video footage and such for the early era with them both, they both just seem to be drumming more or less the same...anyone watch NSBoog? Not sure how each of them is complimenting or just reenforcing the other?

I am sure others, like LiA, can provide much more insight into how important Mickey could be in 68 and 69, but what always struck me, and has been discussed quite a bit, is that with a band like CREAM, and my fav, GBaker, you get such a powerful sound on songs like SoyLove, and Spoonful, or a handful of others with a single drummer. Certainly Baker's solos blow our boys away in that respect, as many have commented, tech prowess and such, I leave to others more schooled, but frankly, I often wondered why our two didn't put everyone else to shame. So, maybe it really didn't add that much more? My conclusion is that Mickey really might not have been necessary...?

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Poster: ned the head Date: Oct 2, 2009 9:52pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Do you really need 2 time keepers?

No Mickey would equal no Playin, no Fire, and no Greatest Story (no big loss on that one)
That being said, my favorite Dead is with one drummer. It's the jazzier stuff that really gets me off, compared to the bluesier stuff, as my tastes have been distilled and refined. But I think Keith had a lot to do with that sound.